Pediatric Treatment

Pediatric Ophthalmology deals with special vision care needs of your young ones. At Vedanta Eye Science Centre Hospitals, we provide treatment for a multitude of children's ophthalmological problems.

About 80% of learning in the child’s first 12 years come through his eyes. Children are not aware of their vision disorders and mostly grow with this. Truly, diagnosis can help prevent many eye diseases.

Our core team comprises of some of the best pediatric ophthalmologists eye surgery specialist,surgeon, hospital in Delhi NCR who understand the importance of healthy eyesight for the overall development of a child.

Pediatric Ophthalmology is a sub-specialty of Ophthalmology concerned with eye diseases and vision care in children.

About Pediatric

The Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Service provides comprehensive primary care for the diagnosis and management of infant and child vision and common childhood vision disorders. It also performs surgery to correct ocular misalignment and double vision in children and adults.

The first signs and symptoms include cloudy vision, frequent changes in your prescription thereby requiring changes to your spectacles, difficulty seeing at night, glare and haloes, sensitivity to bright lights and double vision in a single eye.

  • Bad performance in school especially, while copying notes from blackboard
  • Squint
  • Light sensitivity
  • Regular headache
  • Family history of eye disorder/infections
  • Treatment for Squint, Double Vision and other disorders of alignment
  • Treatment for Amblyopia or Lazy Eye
  • Refraction in young children for those who have difficulty getting good refraction
  • General eye problems such as Eye Sore and Lump on the Eyelids, etc.
  • Glass vision and low vision aids
  • Allergic eye conditions and other eye infections

We are one of the few best pediatric ophthalmologist eye hospital at Vedanta offering special attention to a multitude of children's ophthalmological problems. We understand that a child's vision plays a critical role in his/her overall development; be it physical, mental or social development.

There are certain eye diseases which if remain unnoticed may cause a permanent visual impairment in the child. It is thus recommended to get your child's (below the age of 3 years) complete eye check up done annually.

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